Work is one of those things that we usually don't like. We do it because we have to. And if we can find an excuse to not do it, chances are we'll use it. That's exactly what was happening during the prophet Haggai's time. The people were working for God, but they got discouraged.
The wise man builds, the foolish man builds and storms come for both. Today we look at Daniel 3 and the fiery furnace as we think about standing strong in the face trial and having a But if not... type faith.
Don't you wish that there were some kind of blueprint for life? So that we'd find direction, make every right choice, and never mess up? Unfortunately, there's not one. So sometimes we hit a wall. We get discouraged, and we have a hard time getting back on track.
Today we will be looking at the parable of the Lost Sheep that Jesus tells in Luke 15. We will see the Shepherds desire for the lost, the responsibility of the 99 and the hope for the lost one.