When life gives you lemons make lemonade. That's the old saying, anyway. And while it might be a good thought, it may be good for us to look at those lemons that "life" has given us and try to figure out where they came from... Did life give us the lemons?
Trees are a vital part of our Christmas experience every year. Whether they are real or artificial, it'd be hard to imagine Christmas without them. Interestingly enough, it'd be hard to imagine the story of the Bible without the important role trees played. This morning, we're going to talk about that.
The Christmas season is here and in full swing (and it's pretty much been that way since we put away the Halloween candy!). This season is full of lights, trees, and gifts... and interestingly enough, those are things that are big parts of Christianity. In this series, Tis The Season, we're going to talk about it.